Hi! I am an Animation graduate from Sheridan College! I am currently working in TV and comics! I love Visual Development and Character Design! Email: nnekamyers@gmail.com

micrypt said: I wondered … Do you work with layers or paint over directly? If it’s the latter, how do you go about restructuring the scene (noticed you moved the table)? Did you just paint it again? Thanks.

I work in layers! All the layers and clipping masks are grouped from back to front with the original sketch at the very top, slowly lowering the opacity as I go! So the table moving is on a separate layer - I just shifted it and reconstructed it without messing underneath. Although, when I feel I am almost done an illustration I do tend to do touch-ups on a layer at the very top thus painting over directly (this has more cons…). The lighting shifts are adjustment layers at the very top also as to not mess with the original colours underneath. This image alone peaked around 125ish layers. Hope that helps :)

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